Deluxe Rituals

Rituals Natura Aromatherapy Relax

Indulge in a sensorial experience, relieving mental and physical stress with scented oils and ambience

$150 - $210

60 - 90min

Muscle Relief Sports Therapy With THERAGUN

Treat and condition hair and scalp while your body receives a relaxing massage (note: one therapist will perfom both scalp and body massage)

$160 - $210

60 - 90min

Lymphatic Body Sculpt

Combination of lymphatic drainage, addressing water retention, to body sculpting to tighten and firm body contour.

$125 - $190

60 - 90min

Full Detox

Start your experience with green tea for enhanced cleanse, followed by lymphatic drainage paired with ion detox therapy

$185 - $235

60 - 90min

Side By Side Therapy

Bring your friend, relative or partner for a relaxing moment

$280 - $410

60 - 90min

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